Unveiling the Unknowns: Safeguarding Your Business through Microbial Identification


culture-free sequencing & Identification

Our culture-free, sequence-based service identifies microorganisms from multiple different sample types. This advanced microbial identification service empowers businesses to mitigate risks, and ensure the safety of consumers.

No matter what the sample type, our cutting-edge identification techniques can proactively address your microorganism  challenges by not only identifying the species of concern but delving deeper to give you precise information on biocide resistance, the presence of toxin genes, and the context of the sample.

sequencing & Identification of isolates

With our advanced sequencing technologies and analytical expertise, we characterise the microorganism profile of your environment, process and final product. We work collaboratively with companies to profile microorganism isolates, and characterise them in terms of biocide resistance, profiling toxin genes, toxin production, virulence factors, AMR, coagulation serotype and genetic diversity to ensure the efficacy of  your cleaning processes.

In addition, we create a customer-specific, proprietary database of all microorganisms identified during routine sampling to build a profile of any persisters in the environment, allowing you to have full oversight of what’s in the building, giving you confidence and control of final product release.


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Product IP

Protect your unique food products with our specialised genomic services, ensuring the integrity and intellectual property of your brand in the competitive market.

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Track & Trace Species

Advanced tracking and tracing capabilities to monitor specific species or persistent pathogens, enhancing safety and quality control throughout the factory & environment.

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Environmental monitoring

Our environmental monitoring service employs genomic techniques to proactively safeguard infrastructure and maintain ecological balance. Our service detects and analyses microbial activities that can affect pipeline integrity and water quality, helping to prevent operational disruptions.   


Fortify your operations with robust biosecurity strategies that safeguard against biological threats and ensure environmental compliance.

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MIC Source Identification

Identify and mitigate microbial induced corrosion in your oil and gas infrastructure with our advanced genomic analysis. Our service precisely pinpoints MIC sources, enhancing asset longevity and operational safety.

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Sterile & Non-sterile Product Testing

Ensure the highest standards of safety and quality in your biopharma products with our comprehensive sterile and non-sterile testing. Our genomic analysis detects and monitors microbial presence, guaranteeing product integrity.