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Food & Beverage

Utilise cutting-edge genomic techniques to accurately identify contaminants and pathogens in food products, ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Design a process that maximises the advantages of a data-lead monitoring programme, balancing identification of what’s viable and reportable, whilst also keeping a close eye on the environmental context that enables growth keeping you one step ahead.

Advanced tracking and tracing capabilities to monitor specific species or persistent pathogens, enhancing food safety and quality control throughout the supply chain.

Protect your unique food products with our specialised genomic services, ensuring the integrity and intellectual property of your brand in the competitive market.

Protect your product against food fraud & adulteration. Our DNA-based detection methods authenticates a wide range of food items across your supply chain, guaranteeing product truthfulness and consumer trust.

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Oil & Gas

Identify and mitigate microbially induced corrosion in your oil and gas infrastructure with our advanced genomic analysis. Our service precisely pinpoints MIC sources, enhancing asset longevity and operational safety.

Our environmental monitoring service employs genomic techniques to proactively safeguard infrastructure and maintain ecological balance. Our service detects and analyses microbial activities that can affect pipeline integrity and water quality, helping to prevent operational disruptions.   

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Ensure the highest standards of safety and quality in your biopharma products with our comprehensive sterile and non-sterile testing. Our genomic analysis detects and monitors microbial presence, guaranteeing product integrity.

Leverage our advanced genomic technologies for precise identification and typing of microorganisms. This service is essential for pathogen characterization, aiding in drug development and ensuring batch-to-batch consistency.

Optimise the safety and compliance of your biopharmaceutical manufacturing environments with our specialised environmental monitoring service. Utilising pathogen genomic analysis, we precisely track and manage microbial activity to prevent contamination risks in critical processes. This targeted approach is crucial for maintaining the stringent cleanliness and quality standards essential in biopharma production.

We've only just begun exploring...

Our specialist pathogen and contaminant identification service plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity, quality, and safety of various industries, enabling them to meet regulatory standards and provide consumers with trusted and reliable products.

Microorganism Identification

Specialist microorganism pathogen & contaminant identification

By identifying potential risks and sources of contamination, we empower our clients to take proactive measures to ensure high-quality process production, product safety and protect public health. 

Genomic Analytics

Sequencing of proprietary organisms

Map out the genetic structure of your production organism, crucial for IP protection and security of your asset. Delving deeper, we unravel the complex relationship between genotype and product phenotype. Our expertise lies in matching the intricacies of genetic makeup with the observable traits that define a product to ensure complete characterisation of your high value resource. 

Let the DNA tell its story

Through utilising our cutting-edge technologies and advanced analysis capabilities, we link genotype and phenotype by analysing from the nucleic acid to protein level. This scrutinisation of the genetic code deciphers the blueprint that shapes the characterisation of a product.

Creating purposeful work
with customised solutions

What's in your environment?

With our advanced sequencing technologies and analytical expertise, we characterise the microorganism profile of your environment, process and final product. 

sequencing & Identification

Sequencing of isolates & similarity analysis

Uncovering important insights into the resistance and persistence of microorganisms in your industry before they expose you.



Bioinformatic analysis

Development of methods and tools to interrogate and interpret complex sequence data.  


The powerhouse of data analysis

Bioinformatic analysis is the backbone of our genomic exploration. With cutting-edge computational methods utilising high-performance computing, we extract valuable insights from the sea of genomic data. From DNA sequencing to transcriptomics and beyond, we employ bioinformatic techniques to decipher the language of life and harness its potential.


Safeguarding Every Bite!


In the realm of food safety, genomics emerges as a game-changer, empowering us to safeguard our food supply like never before. At ELDA, we recognise the immense importance of genomics in ensuring uncompromising food safety standards. 

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