Explore how genomics is being used across industries and how ELDA can help 


Some of the industries we serve

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Oil & Gas

Identify and mitigate microbially induced corrosion in your oil and gas infrastructure with our advanced genomic analysis. Our service precisely pinpoints MIC sources, enhancing asset longevity and operational safety.

Our environmental monitoring service employs genomic techniques to proactively safeguard infrastructure and maintain ecological balance. Our service detects and analyses microbial activities that can affect pipeline integrity and water quality, helping to prevent operational disruptions.   

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Ensure the highest standards of safety and quality in your biopharma products with our comprehensive sterile and non-sterile testing. Our genomic analysis detects and monitors microbial presence, guaranteeing product integrity.

Leverage our advanced genomic technologies for precise identification and typing of microorganisms. This service is essential for pathogen characterization, aiding in drug development and ensuring batch-to-batch consistency.

Optimise the safety and compliance of your biopharmaceutical manufacturing environments with our specialised environmental monitoring service. Utilising pathogen genomic analysis, we precisely track and manage microbial activity to prevent contamination risks in critical processes. This targeted approach is crucial for maintaining the stringent cleanliness and quality standards essential in biopharma production.

Enhanced reliability and specificity through technology

We use cutting-edge technology to fully characterise the genomes of production organisms. This enhances the quality of the production process and uncovers insights that can be exploited to lead to better products.


A customer centric end-to-end processes model

Our goal is to be agile in our approach to developing solutions that are highly adjustable to the needs of our customers and market. Not all problems require high-tech solutions and we work hard to match a solution that serves the purpose you require. We aim to deliver clear, jargon-free reports that specifically addresses the need you have.

Access to next generation technology

Cutting-edge technology, especially in genomics, is constantly updating and improving. It often requires subject and technical experts that understand how to utilise the equipment to maximise the return of relevant information. We invest in the equipment and staff so that companies can be assured that when they partner with us, they are working with the best technology and the best minds.

Capacity to scale to suit demands

Our state-of-the-art laboratories were built with scale in mind. Our processes can be easily scaled with no impact on quality and fine-tuned so that turn-around times are short.