Unlock the secrets hidden within the genetic code, driving innovation, and transforming the way we understand and interact with our products and processes.


Unlocking hidden genomic value

Our genome analytics services are designed to address real-world challenges. Working closely with you to understand your objectives and unique requirements, we create a solution specific to your goals and needs.

Whether you want to map the genetic structure of production organisms (crucial for IP protection) or need to dive deeper into the data, we meticulously apply advanced bioinformatics tools to reveal the genetic variations, pathways, and biological mechanisms that shape the value of your asset.

Our expertise lies in matching the intricacies of genetic makeup with the observable traits that define a product, to ensure complete characterisation of your high value resource. Unravelling the complex relationship between product genotype and phenotype is where precision meets innovation. It’s through this innovation, that new products can be created.

Take ownership of your data

Your data is of utmost importance to us. We take comprehensive measures to maintain the reliability and integrity of your genomic data, ensuring it remains secure and confidential throughout the analytical process. 

We provide database building and storage options, where you can build a repository of your samples to enable for example longitudinal analysis of microorganisms detected within your environment. This will ignite the ability to flag, in near real-time, what unwanted microorganisms are present or persisting. Ask us today about the advantage of creating a private, secure repository and how that can ensure and insure your processes are working as expected.

Case Studies

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